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Lignum Elite


  • PHONE: (+34) 914 356 999 CEST 
  • MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 09:00 TO 14:00 - 16:00 TO 19:00
  • PHONE: (+1) 401 626 7299 EST

Main Features of the Platinum Collection

Massive planks engineered on three layers, where each layer is made of 100% Solid European Oak.


• Wear layer of 6 mm. (¼‘’)
• Central support of 8 mm. ( 516‘’ ) placed perpendicular to the other layers
• Counter-layer of 6 mm. (¼‘’)
• Standard Dimensions:
      • Random lengths up to 5 m. (16¾‘)
      • Random widths between 200 – 400 mm. (7¾‘’ – 15¾‘’)
      • Total thickness of 20 mm. (¾‘’) 
• Boards have tongue and groove on either side
• Ends are not match
• Surface texture can be selected in a fine brushed, a foot worn, or a hand distressed finish
• Unique surface finish with hard-wax oil that protects and colors our woods with superior wear and liquid resistance

Surface Treatments

Our craftmen will work each plank, as per your preferences, to entice every subtle nuance left by time and weather. The rich diversity, unique design, and superior quality of each finish, coupled with the ultimate individuality of every board means that its full impact could be best appreciated by coming in contact with it. View it for yourself the intensity and level of emotion encountered with our wood.


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