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Lignum High Efficiency®

This innovative and efficient utility system developed by Lignum Elite is a testimony of the company’s dedication to research and continuous investment in the development of new technologies and solutions for its industry and client base. In this particular case, it served to fill a gap that for several years the wood flooring industry has been in need of.  "A new wood floor that optimizes the benefits of radiant heating and cooling systems has been born". With this new product, Lignum Elite has managed to increase the "thermal transmittance" and lower the "thermal resistance" of wood floors to previously unimaginable levels for use on heating / cooling radiant systems. Lignum High Efficiency® is an internal conductor system that is applied to Lignum Elite’s wide plank floors, which is combined of the following components:


• A wear layer of 100% solid European oak of 6 mm. (¼ ‘’) with a density of 775 kg/m³.

• A Central support of 100% solid European oak of 8 mm. (5⁄16‘’), placed perpendicular to the other layers, and with a density of  775  kg/m³.

• A counter-layer of 100% solid European oak of 6 mm. (¼ ‘’) and the same density as the previous layers.

• Aluminum inserts of 3 x 15 mm.

• The inserts are placed evenly every 16 mm.  (5⁄8‘’) in both directions (ref. 16 x 16) or evenly every 32 mm. (1 ¼ ‘’) in one direction and every 16 mm. (5⁄8‘’) in the other direction by forming a diagonal configuration of 24 mm. (15⁄16‘’)  (ref. 16 x 32 ) .


With this innovative technology, the thermal resistance of Lignum Elite’s engineered wide plank floor of 20 mm. (¾ ‘’) in thickness and inner conductors is 0.045 m² K / W (ref. 16 x 16) and 0.059 m² K / W (ref. 16 x 32).


Wood Floor over Radiant Heat

Under-floor heating systems have become a preferable solution of unbeatable comfort in recent years, both for their aesthetic benefits and for the energy savings that’s achieved. From the viewpoint of the Technical Building Code, it’s a system that spends 30 % less energy in order to generate the same level of comfort than other systems available.

Once the decision is made to install under-floor radiant heat in any given space, the question of whether to install a ceramic tile floor, stone, carpet or wood floors arises. The dilemma is obvious when the floor, aside from being a decorative element of first order, becomes a fundamental piece of comfort due to its use as a heat flow distributor or heat insulator device. At this stage, the thermal conductivity of the material specified for flooring over under-floor heating is often questioned.

Thermal Resistance results for different flooring options (m² K / W): 



Lignum Elite, in an effort to continue improving the competitiveness of all wood floors in general, and aware of these technical data shown, has been able to level the ground of the different flooring options available to consumers by bringing to the marketplace this innovative solution.
Now, more than ever, we can say that wood floors are not only suitable for use over under-floor heating systems, but highly recommended.


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